Have-It-All Crypto Payments for Business

  • No third party – accept crypto directly to your wallet
  • Only $0.7 per any transaction
  • No KYC/KYB – sign up with just your email
  • On-ramp solution and crypto swap

Safety First

We don’t touch your crypto. Payments go directly from customer's wallet to your non-custodial merchant's wallet – BucksBus just provides the service.

Your funds are protected with 2FA and SSL Technology. Moreover, you can restore your BucksBus wallet with all the funds on various platforms, such as Trust Wallet, Ledger, etc.

Customer WALLET


BucksBus SOFT

Your BucksBus WALLET

Diverse Payment Models

  • Invoices

    For Goods and Services

    Payments on fixed prices

  • Deposits

    For Gambling and Forex

    Top-ups with any amount

  • Periodic Payments

    For subscription-based businesses

    Setups for regular payments

  • Offline Payments

    For brick-and-mortar

    Payments on site with QR code or address

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Tailored to Your Needs

  • Customize the entire payment process—invoices, payment pages, and more—under your brand's design, with no mentions or redirections

Bucksbus Interface

Good Pricing

0.7 USD

per transaction

regardless of your turnover and the amount of transactions

We don't have any hidden fees, set up or integration fees. The only additional fees you may encounter are network fees, independent of our service

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Your current tariff, %


You pay now

$ 1000 / month

You save with BucksBus

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Supported coins

  • Bitcoin logo


  • Etherium logo


  • Tether ERC-20 logo

    Tether (ERC-20)

  • Polygon

  • USD Coin

  • Tether

  • Tether TRC-20 logo

    Tether (TRC-20)

  • Tron logo


  • Litecoin


Easy Integration

  1. 1

    Register with your email

  2. 2

    Create your own non-custodial wallet

  3. 3

    Connect your website to BucksBus through API

  4. 4

    Start accepting crypto and get profit

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With BucksBus you get

  • Global Payments

    Your customers can instantly pay from anywhere in the world

  • No Chargebacks

    A payment in crypto cannot be canceled

  • Lowest Fees

    Starting at 0.01%, depending on your turnover

  • 24/7 Helpdesk

    We'll answer your question whenever you call

  • No Risks

    Nobody has access to your crypto but you

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How it works

  • Customer clicks to pay/deposit in crypto

  • BucksBus invoices customer

  • Customer pays a bill

  • You receive crypto to your wallet

  • You withdraw or pay out

Our partners

Who our service is for

  • Forex

  • Crowdfunding

  • E-commerce

  • Travel industry

  • Adult

  • Online Education

  • Freelance

  • iGaming and Betting

  • Finance

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