About us

BucksBus is a brand of IFC Markets - Free Zone Entity (F.Z.E.), a company registered in the United Arab Emirates under License No. 22994.

The development team working on the solution has more than 20 years of experience in developing fintech solutions, including the NetTradeX trading platform, ICmetrica process automation solution for investment advisors, broker panels, and trading gateways for exchanges and brokers.

Why we created our own crypto payment solution

Over a year ago, the crypto processing company we were working with suddenly froze our account and wallet. Although there was supposed to be an investigation on their end, to this day we haven’t seen any sign of a positive outcome.

This made us realize two things:

  • Your crypto is never safe until it’s kept in your own wallet, where you are the only administrator (when you have a seed phrase and hold the keys).
  • Every single business faces security issues when processing crypto, therefore, a solution is needed

As a result, we have developed a safe solution for ourselves, and we are now happy to share it with you.

Our mission

To help businesses around the world grow and go global by providing secure and available crypto payment solutions.