Why it's time for businesses to start accepting crypto payments

In the business world, crypto payments are already becoming the norm. They are actively adopted by startups, small businesses, and industry giants like Tesla, Microsoft, and Starbucks. Besides the obvious advantages that come with implementing cryptocurrency payments (which we'll discuss below), offering this payment method to clients strengthens the company's image as innovative, high-tech, and customer-oriented.

Payment through a cell phone
Crypto payments for business

Today, over 420 million people use cryptocurrencies, and many of them prefer to pay for goods and services with them. If you're still unsure whether to add this payment method to your business, we've listed the advantages that will certainly help you decide.

The main benefits of accepting crypto payments in business

  • Expanding the Customer Base. Crypto payments know no borders, allowing businesses to enter international markets while avoiding the challenges associated with fiat payments and attracting users who prefer digital assets.
  • Low Fees. Cryptocurrency transactions are 60-80% cheaper than traditional ones. For instance, fiat payment fees average 2-5%, and in high-risk industries (casino, gambling, iGaming, Forex, etc.), they can reach 10%. In contrast, crypto payments typically cost between 0.3% and 2%. With BucksBus, you pay only $0.7 per transaction, regardless of the volume.
  • Transaction Speed. Blockchain technology provides almost instant transaction processing, while traditional bank transactions can take several days.
  • High Security and Transparency. Blockchain offers a highly reliable level of encryption, making cryptocurrency payments one of the safest payment methods. Plus, any transfer can be tracked on the network via a hash, and the information cannot be tampered with.
  • Irreversible Payments. Cryptocurrency payments are non-reversible, meaning no chargebacks — situations where buyers dispute a transaction through their bank after receiving a product or service. This is especially relevant in e-commerce, where the share of such operations can reach 18%.

Therefore, adopting crypto payments for businesses is not just following a trend but a strategic decision that will help companies reduce costs, expand their customer base geographically, and speed up payment processing.

To start accepting cryptocurrency payments for your business, it's essential to choose the right payment system. It should be reliable, secure, have all the necessary functionality, and offer reasonable fees. BucksBus is the perfect solution for this.

Why to choose BucksBus

  • BucksBus offers the lowest fees in the industry — just $250 per month, or, if you have few transactions, $0.7 per transaction.
  • 100% Reliability. With BucksBus, payments go directly from the customer's wallet to non-custodial merchant wallet, eliminating the blocking risk associated with third parties.
  • No KYC/KYB. To use the service, only an email address is required.
    Simple Integration via API.
  • Customization Options to meet your needs: choice of design, commission rates, who pays them, static and dynamic addresses, and more.

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